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Touch Up Session: 15mins

The Touch Up Session (15mins) is a great choice for those who have already invested in having the whitest teeth! This session is the best for a quick whitening just before your next event!


Express Session: 30mins

The Express Session (30mins) is an ideal choice for those who don’t want to reach the whitest levels or who still haven’t reached their perfect shade. This session is not too short, not too long, perfect for you!


Standard Session: 45mins

The Standard Session (45mins) is the best choice for those who haven’t reached their perfect shade yet. For those who have already whitened and want to go whiter, this session would not disappoint!


Premium Session: 60mins

The Premium Session (60mins) is truly recommended for first timers! For the best results and to see a big difference of shades, this session would be the perfect choice for you!

Zip Pay now available in our Salon!